JPFirst PayTracker software for human resources management and payroll processing is available for download. The application is suited to service and manufacturing companies, government departments and NGOs.

We use our expertise and experience in information systems to advise you in the process of identifying, procuring, implementing and monitoring your enterprise resouce planning system
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If you plan to invest in agriculture, we carry out soil investigations to determine the suitability of your land for the intended use.

We have the only digital soils database for Tanzania.

We have a collection of soil survey and soil appraisal reports for Tanzania available for download.

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We have a small team of professionals with many years experience in systems analysis, design and development. This experience has been gained from working with many different organisations in different countries. Our staff has worldwide consulting experience.

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JPFirst PayTracker (HRM & Payroll Processing Software)
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A soil profile in Central Tanzania
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