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Bookkeeping for Small Businesses
Most small and medium enterprises cannot afford to employ an
accountant to keep the accounts of the business. Yet good business
management and tax computations dictate the keeping of proper
book-keeping records and closing the accounts of every financial

Using state-of-the-art software, we keep of all financial records for
startup and existing small and medium businesses and provide real-
time reports including trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet,
creditors, debtors and the like.

The objective of this product is to assist small businesses to grow
quickly and we charge only a small monthly fee.

Business Planning for Small Businesses
(Tshs 600,000)
Our experience with small businesses is that most either do not
have the know-how or the time to draw out a short to medium-term
road map for their businesses. A road map that describes a
business, how it is managed, the business status quo, the intended
status, how it plans to get there and a well researched financial
growth projection is part of a well managed business. Such a
document is also mandatory for accessing external funding such as
loans, grants and equity.

We have a package for assisting SMEs and startups that enables us
to produce a business plan cheaply and in a reasonably short time.
The package does not apply to large organisations, for which
separate arrange­ments need to be made.

JPFirst Limited provides consulting services in many professions,
including district agri­cultural development planning, environ­mental
impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, financial
management, business planning.

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Philanthropic Activities
The company promotes scientific know­ledge by its expanding list of
on-line scientific publications in the field of soil science
Juvent Magoggo
MSc graduate of Wageningen University in The Netherlands with twenty years experience in national agricultural research systems, specialising in natural resources management and land use planning.

Accumulated experience in working with multi-institutional, multinational teams of experts on a number of national and international projects. Design, computer programming, implementation and maintenance of the soil information system for Tanzania.

A seasoned multi-disciplinary consultant with a record of presentations at international forums. Skills in land evaluation, strategic planning, feasibility studies, business planning, monitoring and evaluation, systems analysis and mobilisation of funding for business ideas.

Providing consultancy services to local government authorities (LGAs) to develop monitoring and evaluation information systems for their three-year strategic plans and in capacity building on varied areas such as governance, records keeping, contract management and financial management.

Invited several times to complete MSc courses at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Masters programme.

Experienced grant writer and management of donor-funded community-based projects with a record of successfully implemented projects.

At various time, held the position of Head of the Soil Survey Department in Tanzania’s Ministry of Agriculture, Secretary General of the Soil Science Society of East Africa, Technical Liaison Officer of SADC's Regional Inventory of Agricultural Resource Base.

Member of the Tanga District Business Council, secretary general of SHIMWATA (a local Community Based Organisation).

Founder and CEO of JPFirst Limited and currently also holding the position of Planning Manager at MIM Associates Limited.

Ramadhan Thabit
Thabit joined JPFirst Limited in 2005, introducing a wealth of skills in the maintenance of office equip­ment.

Thabit has worked through a general course in engineering and a computer repair course at the Dar es Salaam Technical College and has a Full Technician Certificate from Mbeya Technical College.

Since 1986 he has worked in the repair and maintenance departments of large companies including Tanzania Posts & Telecommunications, Tanzania Industrial Research and Develop­ment Organisation, Tanzania Oxygen Ltd and Brithol Michcoma (T) Ltd, thus accumulating a wealth of experience with many makes of photo­copiers, printers, computers and air-conditioners.

He mans our agency in Moshi.

Amina Omari
Amina is a graduated from our employee productivity training programme. She has been trained in all aspects of office management and computer application driving. She brings to the company a special culture in personnel relationships and customer care.

She was the company's secretary for five years before moving up the ladder. She has such a wide range of knowledge that she is involved in the day-to-day in-house testing of our accounts and materials management package (JPFirst Elysium™) which is in the development stage, and assists on our training programmes.

She is now the General Manager of PalmTop Enterprises, our affiliate company in Dar es Salaam
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