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The Way to Success
Review of Soil Resource Inventories in Tanzania

Land Resources Inventory of Muleba District, Tanzania (1997)

Land Resources Inventory of Ngara District, Tanzania (1996)

Considerations for an Integrated Land Evaluation System for Tanzania

Eleventh Meeting of the Eastern and Southern Africa Sub-Committee on  
Soil Correlation and Land Evaluation (1995)
The Role of Soil and Other Land Resources Information in the  
Formulation of Land Use Policies in Tanzania
Soils in Land Use Policy
Excursion Guide
Minutes of the Meeting

Land Resources Inventory of Mbulu District, Tanzania (1994)
Volume 1: Land Resources Inventory
Volume 2: Landforms and Soils Map and Legend
Volume 3: Description of the Soil Mapping Units
Volume 4: Description of the Land Units
Volume 5: Land Suitability Evaluation
Volume 6: Soil Profile Descriptions
Volume 7: Atlas

Soils of Kansay Village
Soils of Chemchem Village
Soils of Bashay Village

Review of Fertilizer Recommendations in Tanzania (1993)

Soil Characterization of Trial Sites in The Western Cotton Growing  
Areas of Tanzania (1992)

Soils of Ukiriguru Agricultural Research Institute (1990)

Land Resources Inventory of Dodoma Capital City District, Tanzania  

Soil Survey Report of Geita and Sengerema Districts (1982)

Cleaner Integral Utilization of Sisal Waste for Biogas and Biofertilizers (October 2011)
A project completion report for a project funded by the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) that demonstrated that a normal-size sisal estate in East Africa can produce enough biogas of sufficient quality to be used for domestic purposes such as cooking and heating and for running a CHP for generation of electri­city. The project culminated in a biogas and electricity generating plant at Hale Estate in Tanga, Tanzania.
Download document (PDF, 999 KB)

Business-Oriented Conservation and Agroforestry Initiatives in Muheza District, Tanzania (May 2008)

A project completion report for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund on a conservation project that aimed to introduce on-farm technologies to the rural communities in Muheza District, Tanga, Tanzania that will ease the pressure from eco-destructive means of subsistence.
Download document (PDF, 56 KB)

Tanzania National Strategy for Energy (July 2007)
A strategy paper that charts out the way to achieving Tanzania's vision of contributing 500 megawatts of electricity from energy farming and reduce reliance on non-renewable sources for energy production.
Download document (PDF, 238 KB)

Soil Suitability Analysis for the Growing of Sisal in parts of Tabora and Dodoma Regions of Tanzania (December 2006)
A consultancy report of a study commissioned by the Tanzania Sisal Board. Download document (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Hands Off! Is it an Option in Biodiversity Conservation? (September 2005)
The authors share their experience in conservation work and examine the challenges faced by economically disadvantaged communities in environmental conservation in the face of the realities for survival
Download document (PDF, 490 KB)

Developing a District Monitoring and Evaluation System (August 2002)
Report of a consultancy assignment for Muheza District Council to set up a data collection and computerised monitoring and evaluation system for a rolling three-year strategic plan
Download document (PDF, 440 KB)

Solar Energy Investment Profile in Tanzania (November 2015)
Tanzania has good solar energy potential, registering between 2,800 and 3,500 sunshine hours per year. The paper examines the potential, opportunities, business environment and impelmentation guidelines for entrepreneurs seeking to invest in solar PV power in Tanzania.
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