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Since our establishment in 2001, we have compiled point data from many of the soil studies that have been carried out in Tanzania into a single data­base. We have developed an end-user soft­ware appli­cation for inter­rogating this data­­base. The objective of this project is to create an application that will allow an investor, from anywhere in the world, to point on an area on the map of Tanzania, select from a set of land use types and get an assesment of the location's suitability for a selected land use type and a suggestion of management packages to go with the use. This project is still in the proto­type stage.

Our initiative re­pre­sents the most tangible step towards creating a globally-accessible spatial soil resources database and information system for Tanzania. Even so, the JPFirst data­base of point data is not yet geo-referenced and linked to the mapped information.

So far JPFirst Limited has been working alone on the project to compile the soil resources data­base. However, a project of this nature should be at least a multi-institutional undertaking.

JPFirst Limited is currently seeking collaborators on this project both from government institutions in Tanzania and private companies. If you are interested, kindly get in touch from our contact page.
Soils of Tanzania: Agricultural Development Information System
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